Your Words. Your Voice
Add a unique voice and speak your words like no one else.
PRC-Saltillo and VoiceKeeper have teamed up to give individuals who use AAC a way to express their individuality with a voice that is as unique as the words they say.
Start creating your unique voice. It only takes minutes to start, and it’s FREE to try!
How does it work?
Step 1: Sign Up!
Create an account to manage your recording
Step 2: Record!
As the account manager, you can record your own voice or ask others to record for you.
This can be done on the website or via the VoiceKeeper app for iOS
In under 10 minutes, you’ll have a voice to try!
Step 3: Refine!
The more you record, the more your voice will sound like you.
You will get a sample after every 100 sentences you record – you choose whether to use that voice or keep recording
Which devices or apps are supported?
Integrate your personal voice for free!
LAMP Words for Life iOS app
iOS versions: appstore, PRiO and Via Pro
TouchChat iOS apps
iOS versions: appstore, PRiO and Via Pro
Accent devices
Requires an unlocked system
How long does it take?
It takes less than five minutes to read 30 sentences and get the first sample of your voice. After that, you can record at your convenience - every time you record for an additional 10-15 minutes (100 sentences), you will get a new and improved version of your voice. On average, people record for about 30 minutes overall (300 sentences) and have a high quality.
My loved one can’t speak – can I still make a unique voice?
Absolutely. After you’ve registered as an account manager, you can ask someone to record on your behalf. Some families have used a sibling’s voice, others have asked a neighborhood friend, and still others have reached out to loved ones across the country. We’ll connect the accounts for you so you can deploy the voice to the app/ device that you choose.
How much will it cost?
Creating a voice on VoiceKeeper is FREE! Each time a new voice version is created, you can try it on the website or within the VoiceKeeper app for 30 days, at no cost. When you are ready to deploy it, you choose the app or device that you’re using.
For TouchChat or LAMP Words for Life, the cost is only $75. Your voice can be linked directly within the app and is available only within that app.
For Accent devices, the cost is $299. This is higher because once it’s integrated within Windows, you can use it across your device (both inside and outside of your communication software).
How do I integrate the voice within TouchChat or LAMP Words for Life?
It’s easy! After you create and purchase a voice for your app, go to the speech options within your app. From there you will be able to login with your account/ password. Your unique voice that you created will be added directly within the app.
How do I integrate the voice within my Accent?
After you create and purchase a voice for Accent, you will receive an email with instructions for deploying the voice. Please note that your Accent must be integrated for the voice to be deployed.
I have a Via Pro/ TouchChat Express/ PRiO device – are those compatible?
Yes! Please make sure your app is updated, and follow the directions for voice purchase within TouchChat or LAMP Words for Life. Please note that your device must be integrated for the voice to be deployed.
Can I transfer my voice between apps or app and device?
You can use your voice on multiple platforms, however, you will need to purchase a license for each one separately. (So if you have an Accent and are also using LAMP Words for Life, you will need to purchase a license for both Accent & the LAMP app.)
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