Your Words, Your Voice
Add a unique voice and speak your words like no one else.
PRC-Saltillo and The Voice Keeper have teamed up to give individuals who use AAC a way to express their individuality with a voice that is as unique as the words they say.
Your accent and age matter
Diverse Voices
The most diverse pool of voices is available now on PRC-Saltillo iOS apps and devices.
Sound like no one else
Personal Voice
Whether it’s for preserving your own voice or to create a unique voice for your child, The Voice Keeper technology can help you do just that, starting from just 10 minutes of work, try for free!
2 in 1
With the voice keeper, not only you get a diverse selection of voices, you can create a unique and personal voice, with the same product!
Supported devices and plans
Dialogue AAC
iOS versions: appstore, PRiO and Via Pro
$ 75
iOS versions: appstore, PRiO and Via Pro
$ 75
requires an unlocked system
$ 299
To purchase and to learn how to use the voices on your prc-saltillo device - click here
We’re Here to Help!
Schedule a free consultation
Schedule a quick tele-meeting (phone or video call) to consult about the process of creating a personal voice, if you need technical assistance, if you’d like to find out how to use the created voice, our iOS app, or any voice related issue, we would love to help!