Your Words. Your Voice
Your AAC device lets you say what you want. When you add a unique voice those words can be spoken like no one else.
PRC-Saltillo and The Voice Keeper have teamed up to give individuals who use DialogueAAC a way to express their individuality with a voice that is as unique as the words they say. Create a personal voice or choose one that suits you from a diverse pool of generic voices.
Both options are FREE in Dialogue AAC app.
Your accent and age matter
Diverse Voices
The most diverse pool of voices is available now on PRC-Saltillo iOS apps and devices.
Sound like no one else
Personal Voice
Whether it’s for preserving your own voice or to create a unique voice for your child, The Voice Keeper technology can help you do just that, starting from just 10 minutes of work, try for free!
2 in 1
With the voice keeper, not only you get a diverse selection of voices, you can create a unique and personal voice, with the same product!
I can’t speak – can I still make a unique voice?
Absolutely. After you’ve registered as an account manager, you can ask someone to record on your behalf. Some individuals have used a family member across the country, others have asked a neighborhood friend, and others have found voice donors on social media. We’ll connect the accounts for you so that you can deploy that voice directly to the Dialogue AAC app.
Do I need to record all at once, or can I do in short spurts?
You can spend as much or as little time making the recordings as you want. You’ll get a new version for every 100 sentences that you record, but that could take 15 minutes in one session or three sessions of five minutes each.
What if my voice is changing – do you have any recommendations for how to get the best quality?
We suggest recording at the same time every day, even if just for a few minutes.
How long does it take?
It takes less than five minutes to read 30 sentences and get the first sample of your voice. After that, you can record at your convenience - every time you record for an additional 10-15 minutes (100 sentences), you will get a new and improved version of your voice. On average, people record for about 30 minutes overall, 300 sentences and have a high quality voice that is recognizable.
How much will it cost?
Creating a personal voice using The Voice Keeper and deploying it to your Dialogue app is 100% free!
If I make a voice for Dialogue AAC, can I then transfer it into an Accent or other communication device?
Yes – your voice can be used on multiple platforms. However, each device or app carries a separate license, so will need to be purchased separately. Please visit this page for information on pricing for other apps and devices.
How do I integrate the voice within my Accent?
After you create and purchase a voice for Accent, you will receive an email with instructions for deploying the voice. Please note that your Accent must be integrated for the voice to be deployed.
Can I transfer my voice between apps or app and device?
You can use your voice on multiple platforms, however, you will need to purchase a license for each one separately. (So if you have an Accent and are also using LAMP Words for Life, you will need to purchase a license for both Accent & the LAMP app.)
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